Our passion is shipping.

Shipping is a risk business by nature.
Shipping is fascinating with countless facets.
Shipping is both traditional and high tech.
Shipping can be both family and large corporate business.

An alphabetical list of shipping risks or events might include -
Act of God, Arrest, Beaching, Collision, Confiscation,
Detention, Errors in Navigation, Explosion,
Fatigue, Fire, Force majeure, Grounding, Heavy Weather, Ice,
Latent Defect, Perils of the Sea, Piracy, Pollution, Salvage,
Variety of legal and contractual liabilities and perhaps
conclude with War Risks.
There are many other risks or events not so commonly known, some
which may arise more frequently or be more exceptional than others.
The only thing you can be certain of is all such events are likely to
happen at an inconvenient time and place. None, however, will be
inconvenient to us. We are always ready to help - at any time.

With our experience we can assist clients to analyse the various risks
inherent in their business, advise them on necessary precautions,
and deal with problems as and when they arise.